About Company

NivoTime is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions and digital marketing expertise to businesses across a range of industries, founded in 2018 and formerly known as CXA Technologies(Code-X-Application). Our goal is to help our clients succeed in the digital age by providing cutting-edge solutions that enable them to better serve their customers and grow their businesses.

As a technology company, we specialize in developing powerful, scalable software solutions that help our clients streamline their operations, improve their efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition. Our team of experienced software developers, engineers, and project managers work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and create customized solutions that meet those needs.

In addition to our technology solutions, we offer a wide range of Digital Marketing services designed to help businesses reach and engage their target audiences. Our team of marketing experts is skilled in developing comprehensive marketing strategies that leverage the latest technologies and techniques to drive traffic, generate leads, and increase conversions.

As a leading provider of InsurTech and HealthTech solutions, we are committed to helping insurance companies and healthcare providers leverage technology to improve the quality of care and services they provide to their customers. Our Flex Benefits Solution and Affinity Solution platforms are just two examples of the innovative solutions we offer to help businesses in these industries succeed.

At NivoTime, we are also proud to offer Employee Benefits Consulting services to help businesses design and implement effective Employee Benefits Programs. Our team of benefits experts works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and develop customized benefits programs that help attract and retain top talent.

We also have a strong focus on analytics and data-driven decision-making when it comes to our Employee Benefits Practice. Our team of benefits consultants and data analysts work together to help businesses understand the impact of their benefits programs on employee satisfaction, retention, and overall business performance.


At NivoTime, our mission is to empower businesses to succeed in the digital age by providing innovative technology solutions, cutting-edge digital marketing expertise, and customized employee benefits consulting services. We are committed to leveraging the latest technologies and analytics capabilities to help businesses streamline their operations, engage with their target audiences and attract and retain top talent. Our goal is to improve the lives of both our client's customers and employees by providing scalable, data-driven solutions that drive business growth and success.


Our vision at NivoTime is to be the premier provider of innovative technology solutions and digital marketing expertise, empowering businesses across industries to transform the way they serve their customers and grow their businesses. We aim to achieve this by staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and industry trends, continuously innovating our offerings, and leveraging data-driven insights to create customized solutions that meet our client's unique needs. Ultimately, we aspire to help our clients thrive in the digital age and make a positive impact on the world.

Why NivoTime?



NivoTime is predominantly owned by its directors, emphasizing independence. This ensures the company's unwavering fiscal commitment to guarantee complete client satisfaction.


Management Structure

At NivoTime, all our directors actively participate in the company's day-to-day operations. Our management team maintains direct contact with clients, fostering a symbiotic relationship, promoting innovation, and nurturing a sense of partnership.



Every client, regardless of size, is of utmost importance to us. Once a client joins our roster, we deliver professional services without any discrimination or biased attitudes.


Customized Solutions

We prioritize understanding each customer's precise needs to tailor products that optimize operations and prove highly effective in the event of claims.


Strong Organizational Culture

At NivoTime, we don't merely retain talent; we foster its growth. Our "Open, focused organization" actively seeks out top talent, rewards innovation, and establishes benchmarks based on our people's exceptional performance.


Data-Driven Consulting & Analytics

At NivoTime, we specialize in providing data-driven consulting and analytics solutions for clients in the insurance industry. Our expertise covers a range of areas, including benefits consulting, benefits harmonization, Benefits & benchmarking, and claims utilization review.