Consulting and Analytics

NivoTime In today's competitive business landscape, organizations face the challenge of managing employee benefits effectively while controlling costs. To help clients navigate this complex area, we offer a comprehensive suite of analytics services focused on benefits benchmarking, claims analysis, and claims audit.

By leveraging our extensive library of benefits data and utilizing advanced analytics techniques, we provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations to optimize benefits programs and enhance cost-efficiency. At Nivotime, we specialize in delivering comprehensive analytics solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Our team of data experts combines domain knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and advanced analytical techniques to extract meaningful insights from complex datasets. We offer a wide range of analytics services designed to address key business challenges and drive transformative outcomes. In the realm of employee benefits management, analytics plays a pivotal role in driving informed decision-making and cost optimization.

Our analytics services for benefits benchmarking, claims analysis, and claims audit empower clients with actionable insights derived from extensive data analysis and industry benchmarks. By leveraging our expertise and advanced analytical techniques, organizations can enhance the effectiveness of their benefits programs, proactively manage claims, and effectively control costs.

Our Solution

Our Analytics tool have capabilities to handle millions of data and process based on which we provide below features.


Benefit Benchmarking

Our benefits benchmarking service offers a detailed comparative overview of a client's benefits offerings against their peer group. Drawing from our vast repository of benefits data from diverse companies across various industries, we provide an in-depth analysis that enables organizations to assess the competitiveness of their benefits packages.


Claims Review

Our claims utilization review is conducted quarterly, supported by a detailed help desk report maintained by our expert analysts on a daily basis. This review involves a thorough analysis of claims versus premiums, aiming to identify any inconsistencies or anomalies. By evaluating utilization patterns and adherence to policy guidelines, we help clients detect potential fraud, waste, and abuse.


Claims Audit

As healthcare costs continue to rise, conducting regular claims audits is crucial for organizations insuring health plans for their employees. Our claims audit service enables clients to identify potential areas of cost escalation and ensure compliance with policy terms.


Fraud Detection

Analytics plays a crucial role in identifying patterns of fraudulent activity in claims data. By leveraging advanced analytics techniques, we can detect and prevent fraudulent claims. Our fraud detection measures help protect your organization from financial losses and ensure the integrity of your claims management processes.



Our monthly MIS provides clients with a comprehensive analysis of claims for a particular month, leveraging various parameters such as age, amount, and relationship-wise categorization. By aggregating and analyzing this data, we generate actionable insights into claim patterns and trends. Clients can gain a deeper understanding of their claims portfolio, identify high-risk segments, and proactively implement measures to mitigate risks.


Claims Benchmarking

Within our benefits analytics portfolio, we maintain an extensive library of claims data from different companies and industries. Our claims benchmarking service enables clients to compare their claims experience against industry benchmarks. We analyze key metrics such as claim frequency, claim severity, and cost per claim to identify patterns and outliers.



To enhance our analysis capabilities, we conduct various types of surveys, including the Benpulse Survey, Annual H&B (Health and Benefits) Survey, Employee Engagement Survey, and Client Services Feedback Survey. These surveys provide additional data points and perspectives that contribute to our analysis. By gathering feedback and insights from employees and clients, we can uncover valuable information that helps us further refine our recommendations and provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.



Our consulting services aim to provide appropriate recommendations on policy structures and benefits based on inputs from the Benefits Benchmarking and Claims Utilization reports. We leverage the insights gained from benchmarking your benefits against peer companies and analyzing claims data to offer tailored suggestions for policy improvements. By aligning your benefits strategy with industry trends and optimizing claims utilization, we help you enhance employee satisfaction, attract top talent, and manage costs effectively.