Pramod Pandey

As the Founder & CEO of NivoTime, Pramod Pandey brings over two decades of experience and expertise in the Insurance, Technology, Digital marketing, and Health industries. He has a proven track record of driving business growth and success through innovative technology solutions and data-driven decision-making.

Pramod has held senior leadership positions at several leading Insurance, technology, digital marketing companies and insurance broking industries. He has worked with numerous clients in these sectors to develop and implement cutting-edge technology solutions that improve efficiency, streamline operations, and enhance customer engagement and retention. His expertise in these industries has made NivoTime a leading provider of InsurTech & Healthtech solutions.

In particular, Pramod is known for his work in developing the Health & Benefits platforms, Flex Solution and Affinity Solution platforms for the insurance industry. These innovative solutions have helped the insurance industry improve the quality of care and services they provide to their customers, while also streamlining their operations and improving efficiency. Pramod's experience in the insurance industry has made him a sought-after expert in InsurTech and a trusted advisor to his clients.

At NivoTime, Pramod is responsible for leading the company's overall strategy, overseeing product development and delivery, and ensuring client satisfaction. He works closely with the company's talented team of software developers, engineers, project managers, marketing experts, and health & benefits consultants to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions, digital marketing services, and health & benefits consulting services to businesses across a range of industries.

Pramod's vision for NivoTime is to continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what's possible in the Insurance, Technology, Digital marketing, and health industries. With his deep understanding of the Insurance and Technology industries, Pramod is uniquely positioned to lead NivoTime to continued growth and success.


Rajendra Vishwakarma

A certified Information Technology Risk Management Professional with over 12+ years of rich experience in catalyzing IT transformation, providing the strategic vision to propel performance across IT operations, business continuity, security, and service delivery, Leadership and Management, IT Governance, Enterprise Architectural Design and Development.

In his current profile at NivoTime, Rajendra holds the responsibility of overseeing end-to-end tech operations and tech risk assessment. As the head of tech operations, Rajendra is likely responsible for various aspects of technology management. This includes overseeing the development and implementation of technology strategies, managing IT systems and networks, ensuring data security and privacy, and optimizing technology infrastructure to support business operations.

With Rajendra's expertise and experience, NivoTime is likely at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative solutions in these areas. Their solutions may include digital platforms for insurance companies, claims management systems, data analytics tools, telehealth solutions, remote patient monitoring systems, and other technology-driven solutions aimed at improving efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction in the insurance and healthcare sectors.

Overall, Rajendra's senior leadership positions in IT and Insurance, combined with his track record of developing and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions, have positioned NivoTime as a leading provider of InsurTech and Healthtech solutions.